Dolores Park Ambassadors

Dolores Parks Works is throwing our support behind a new park initiative, The Dolores Park Ambassadors.

Our goal is to empower all stakeholders of Dolores Park (neighbors, visitors, dog walkers, concerned citizens, etc) to take an active role in making Dolores Park a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Alarmed by the deteriorating condition in and around Dolores Park and lack of City action members of the Dolores Heights Improvement Club (DHIC) and allies from throughout the neighborhoods came together in June. When a mid afternoon shooting in Dolores Park shook SFPD and the City into action they were ready. “The shooting galvanized us to act. DHIC and other community members were in the Park on Saturday, August 5 distributing fliers and collecting names/emails of concerned residents to join a community network.” DPA spokesperson told us. “We need SFPD to prevent crime and gang activity in the Park. We also need Rec/Park Rangers and community members reminding park goers to take care of the Park.”

Now is the time to come back to Dolores Park. We can no longer just say Dolores is over or I don’t go there on weekends and leave it at that. Tell your friends, your city representative, local cops you want to see things change. If you have some ideas, bring them to the table. If you have the funds to invest in this San Francisco landmark, speak up. With enough investment in time and money, we can again begin to feel a real community ownership in Dolores.   sign-up here.



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