Rehabilitation Project

The well-loved amenities of Dolores Park are in need of significant renovation. From mostly invisible infrastructure such as irrigation and drainage improvements to the more apparent needs for improved tennis courts and playground, across the board there are improvement needs. Some of the changes will have a direct impact on how we use the park, while other improvements will support our maintenance staff to enable them to maintain the park more efficiently and effectively. – Rec and Park.

The Dolores Park Rehabilitation is being tackled as two separate projects. First out of the gate and now complete, is the new Helen Diller Mission Dolores Playground.  It had separate funding from the Mercer Foundation of 1.5 million as well as 1.5 million from the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond and 250 thousand from the City General Fund. This project would not have been possible without the heroic efforts of the Friends of Dolores Park Playground, who are now raising funds to help maintain and refurbish the playgrounds many special features.

Playground viewed from above.

Playground viewed from above.

Playground construction began in June 2011, and was completed early spring, 2012. With a grand opening on March 31.

Project Two – The larger, Dolores Park  Rehabilitation Project  has now been approved by all the review committees including the SF Parks Commission and is scheduled to break ground January 2014. The new playground is a delight, but it is now it’s time to turn our attention to the entire park.  The lawns are shot, irrigation pipes are failing, restrooms are inadequate, paths are crumbling and there is a complete lack of benches and picnic tables. This greater 11.7 million project is long overdue and welcome.

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan


This Mission Local report from November 2013 has  a great job of recapping and update on the project. Here are some highlights.

YES, you can expect large chunks of our favorite park to be torn up and fenced off for all of next year.

NO, they will not close all the park, all at once. Some of the park will be available for play at any given time.

  • The park will be divided in half. Work will be on one side at a time.
  • First, the North half, 18th to 19th street, Hipster Hill/Fixie Flats.
  • Second, the South side, Gay Beach , the old dog area.
  • The Playground will remain open throughout the entire project.

Yes, it will all be worth it? We are getting

  • Two new large clean modern restrooms
  • Lawn path and lighting improvements
  • New tennis , basketball and multi-use courts
  • New benches, picnic tables and trash cans
  • New entryways and an overlook

Send us any comments or questions to Jake Gilchrist, project manager at or 415-581-2561.