Rehabilitation Project

The well-loved amenities of Dolores Park are in need of significant renovation. From mostly invisible infrastructure such as irrigation and drainage improvements to the more apparent needs for improved tennis courts and playground, across the board there are improvement needs. – Rec and Park.

The Dolores Park Rehabilitation is being tackled as two separate projects. First out of the gate and now complete, was the new Helen Diller Mission Dolores Playground which opened in March 2012.

Playground viewed from above.

Playground viewed from above.

For the last year and a half, the larger, Dolores Park Improvements  have been kicking up dust.

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

This Mission Local report from November 2013 did a great job of reporting on what we could expect and for the most part was accurate. Yes, large chunks of our favorite park were torn up and fenced off for all of 2014. What they did not anticipate was construction dragging on well into this year.

We are now told to expect an early June reopening of the renovated North section. This is what we should look for-

  • A new large clean modern restroom.
  • New lawns, paths and lighting.
  • New tennis , basketball and multi-use courts.
  • New benches, picnic tables and trash cans.
  • And  new ADA compliant entryways

The remaining South section will then close for renovation (except for Hellen Diller Playground).

Send any comments or questions to Jake Gilchrist, project manager at or 415-581-2561.