North Half Ready

June 12 Rec and Park lead a tour of the newly renovated north side of Dolores and she looked great. New benches, new flowers, new grand path, more palm trees, fabulous restrooms and the lawn…a gourgous green carpet of a lawn, hiding fancy irrigation and drains. Here are some great photos from Mission Local’s Laura Wenus and a great video segment from Maureen Kelly, KRON4 news.

North field with the new restrooms on the left and Mission High in the rear.

North field with the new restrooms on the left and Mission High behind the blue tennes courts.

Jake Gilchrist, project manager on the new lawn.

Jake Gilchrist, project manager on the new lawn.

new benches, new restrooms

New restrooms, new benches and new paths.


New paths, new benches and new restrooms.


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Rec & Park Goes All In with #LoveDolores Campaign

“It’s a new park and a new way of park management”, Rec and Park trumpeted in April  And yes, this is a big turnaround in the way our parks department manages Dolores. They are now very engaged.  After much internal discussion and consultation with City officials; so I heard, the department has launched a major new plan. There are now two new Park Patrol officers assigned every weekend, new trash cans (to be deployed on June 18), a Recology funded and staffed recycling station and a big outreach/ public awareness campaign, #LoveDolores. The department is committed to fund and staff the recycling Pop-Up and the #Love Dolores Campaign through September.

Dolores sneak peek

Dolores sneak peek


Dolores Parks Works is proud to be a Campaign Partner in the #LoveDolores campaign.  and we will be out in the park the first weekend of the newly renovated North End.

  • #LoveDolores Outreach
  • Sunday, June 21
  • 2 to 4 P.M.
  • 19th and Dolores Street Plaza

Please join your fellow Dolores Park stewards, on the ground and in the park representing the campaign. We plan to meet with and inform park patrons of the new trash plan, the Pop-Up recycling station, our new restrooms and ask everyone to take the pledge to Love Dolores.

By joining the community effort to support positive change at Dolores Park, to meet, inform, and urge park users to “Love Dolores” through positive and responsible park behavior you are part of the change.

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We are Just Going to “Do a Switch”

On Thursday, June 18 the renovated North half of Dolores will open and the well-worn South half will close. Jake Gilchrist, Rec and Park project manager for the Dolores Park renovation assures us that they are ready to make the planned simultaneous switch as promised. “The fence guys will be out first thing on the 18th”, Jake told us. The plan is to move the existing construction fencing away from the North side and fence off the South. This fulfills the department’s promise to always keep half of Dolores open during construction and allows the project to move ahead. How long before the entire park is finished? “We think it is going to be six months” Jake told us. The Dolores Park Playground will also remain open and accessable throughout the remainder of the project.


The official Love Dolores Celebration will start at 3 PM in the new plaza at 18th  and Dolores with a Silent Disco. We are told the first hour or two of programing will be “for the children”.

  • Love Dolores, Silent Disco Party
  • 3 to 7 PM
  • 18th and Dolores
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North Side Of Dolores Park to Open June 18th

The date has been set, the flowers are in, the grass is down, the cement is set and we are ready! Thursday, June 18 the “all -spiffed -up” North half of Dolores will be turned over to the people and yes Lord we are ready.

Rec and Park has organized a fun Silent Disco jam to start us off right, so reserve your headphones today!

dolores opening 2015 orange-page-0 (1)

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Rec & Park to Unveil Dolores Park Action Plan

The Recreation and Parks Department will host two “Dolores Park Action Plan meet ups / community outreach / training / status report / opportunity to participate / all around What’s Up With The New Park? events” this Tuesday.
We expect to hear an update on the statuses of the new park and a target opening date. But more importantly, info on the department’s plan to manage and maintain our shiny new park and our new role.

So shinny and new yet, very familiar.

So shiny and new yet, very familiar.

It’s a new Park and a new way of park management.
Come learn about the capital project, the campaign to keep the park green and how you can be a part of making Dolores great. -SF Rec and Park

Dolores Park Action Plan Invite
note, the morning meeting has been canceled
Please rsvp for the afternoon meeting here.

Tuesday, April 28 2015
1:30 to 3 pm
at 18 Reasons
3674 18th Street

Or the evening meeting here.

Tuesday, April 28 2015
6:30 to 8 pm
Dolores Park Church
455 Dolores Street

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