Wells Fargo Cleans Up Dolores

A great group of hard working volunteers from Wells Fargo turned out Monday morning to clean up Dolores Park. Despite chilly weather, the team worked hard for 3 hours. The 15 volunteers collected over 18 large bags of trash and debris. One volunteer alone picked up 373 cigarette butts.

Wells Fargo Volunteers.

Wells Fargo Volunteers.

Jake Bowers, organizer for this Wells Fargo event.

One group tackled the driveway by the clubhouse, another group raked debris from under the cluster of palms near the clubhouse, the rest of the team paired up and dispersed throughout the Park. Jake Bowers, the Wells Fargo volunteer organizer, swept the stairs leading to the Hidalgo statue, leaving them spotless.

P1030206Thank you to all the Wells Fargo volunteers who came out today, and to Katherine a regular Dolores Park Works Volunteer! The Rec and Park Gardeners expressed a great deal of appreciation and thanked the Wells Fargo team for their contribution to beautifying Dolores.

A Great Group

A Great Group

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Wells Fargo Has Always Given Back to the Community

Monday, December 9th, from 10am-1pm Dolores Park Works will host a group of volunteers from Wells Fargo.P1030172

When we asked Jake Bowers, organizer of next Monday’s event why he chose Dolores he said  ”I came across the idea of cleaning Dolores Park just by wanting to get our office outside and get a little dirty.  I have a fond appreciation for our park system and I know the work that goes into these parks to constantly keep them clean.”

“Wells Fargo has always been a promoter of giving back to the community.  Even though it is a large corporation, its roots are from the communities it does business with.  We find, by organizing a group activity such as cleaning Dolores Park, The Food Bank, Bagging Groceries for Seniors, etc., is a great team building/bonding experience and helps use these hours for some individuals that normally would not take advantage of their (available) volunteer time hours”

Meet in front of the Mexican Liberty Bell, Dolores and 19th street. Volunteers should wear comfortable closed toe shoes and dress in layers.

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Are Mission High Student Volunteers Changing Dolores Park Behavior?

The ten Mission High student volunteers that came out to clean-up Dolores Park received lots of praise and gratitude from the Rec and Park staff. Michelle, the lead gardener at Dolores, thanked them and noted how important volunteers are to the ongoing maintenance of Dolores Park.
Patrons are beginning to take notice of the volunteers helpful presence in Dolores One man thanked the students and said he had seen them out there before and appreciated their work. What may be more important, several groups of adults picked up their trash after the volunteers had passed.

Don't trash me!

I saw 

One man put his cigarette butt into the beer he had just finished and carried it off to the trash. Did students cleaning up the park around him cause this small victory?

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Last Bi-Rite Clean-Up of 2013

Members of the Bi-Rite Team

Members of the Bi-Rite Team

It stated out like all Breakfast and a Park Clean-Ups, with a delicious breakfast at the Bi-Rite Creamery. At 9:30 we all headed to the Park to get down to business.

Twelve volunteers attened the clean-up and in 2 hours we collected over 4 large bags of trash from the northern lawn and western slope. Thank you Adrian Field and your team of  Rec and Park Gardeners. Michelle, Jerry, and David we appreciate all of your help and for all the work you do in the Park.

Thank you to Dolores Park Dogs for your support!

Thank you Dolores Park Dogs for your continued support!

Bi-Rite is gearing up for their busy season, the holidays. For the 4th year in a row, Bi-Rite will be preparing a delicious Thanksgiving meal from scratch for residents of the Medical Respite Center in the Mission on Thanksgiving Day.  They will be hosting an 18th Street Joy Drive, where new toys, books, sporting equipment and arts and crafts will be collected to donate to Arriba Juntos in the Mission. They definitely need lots of community support to make sure that lots of Mission-based low-income families and their children have a nice Christmas! Bi-Rite will be providing free, organic, locally-sourced turkeys to amazing non-profits like Free the Need and Homeless Prenatal Program to ensure better food goes to their holiday boxes for our community’s neediest folks. They continue to support the Mission High School Urban Farm, through market-value purchases of their amazing produce which will be turned into delicious dinner items in the Deli every week. ”I’ll be busy this holiday season, but it’s going to be a lot of fun” (Shakirah Simley, Bi-Rite’s Community Coordinator).

We plan to continue the Bi-Rite Breakfast and a Park Clean-Up events in the new year!

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Dolo Rehab Nutshell

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

Not a whole lot of news here, but some progress. Rec and Park Capital Improvement Division are saying, “Bidding for the construction contract is on…bids are due early this month.” So yes, we are on target for a January groundbreaking. This report comes from an excellent piece in Mission Local, “Half of Dolores to Close.”

Dolores Park Works members will not find this news, but Mission Local has done a great job of recapping the project and updating us on Park Departments plans. Here are some highlights.

YES, you can expect large chunks of our favorite park to be torn up and fenced off for all of next year.

NO, they will not close all the park, all at once. Some of the park will be available for play at any given time.

  • The park will be divided in half. Work will be on one side at a time.
  • First, the North half, 18th to 19th street, Hipster Hill/Fixie Flats.
  • Second, the South side, Gay Beach , the old dog area.
  • The Playground will remain open throughout the entire project.

Yes, it will all be worth it? We are getting

  • Two new large clean modern restrooms
  • Lawn path and lighting improvements
  • New tennis , basketball and multi-use courts
  • New benches, picnic tables and trash cans
  • New entryways and an overlook
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