420 Hits Dolores Hard

420 at Dolores

420 at Dolores Park. Photo by Lola M. Chavez via Mission Local

As long as 420 has been a thing Dolores Park has been a popular spot to celebrate the festive green holiday. The big change this year,  a bump in venders. Golden Gate Park’s Hippy Hill shit show was literally corralled with chain link fencing and requirements that all vendors apply for a permit. So, as Mission Local reports,  “What in past years was a free for all tradition now requires a city permit, and a group of Haight Street merchants stepped up and shelled out to provide the required amenities – increased bathrooms, medical services and extra cleaning crews.”

This left many budding entrepreneurs out of luck. One young vender explains her dilemma,

“I decided to hit up some friends and was like ‘yo, I’m going to try to see if I can sell some of my pastries [at Hippie Hill],’” said Keren Gutierrez, a Mission native. “I called in to Park and Rec and they told me they were having that whole permit thing. I asked if I can be a vendor and they said it’s too late, [applications] already closed.”

When I walked the park early Thursday afternoon dozens of venders were lined up along the 19th Street promenade. So I have to ask, is 420 going to become Dolores Park’s next annual mega event?


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Skaters Take Dolores

Thursday night, 7 pm or so a seemingly spontaneous skateboard meetup of a hundred mostly young men took over Dolores Street. No trash, no booze, no smoking and they totally stopped the rush hour traffic. Awesome!

This shot is at 19th and Dolores. The guys came off 21st street. Video in link.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.34.40 AM

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Picnic Your Butt Off!

Something we can all agree on, cigarette butts are nasty. Our good friend Shelly Ericksen of the Surfrider Foundation has asked us to a Dolores Park picnic, with a little park volunteerism on the side. As Shelly writes, “Super informal. Come hang out or just stop on by and bring me a few butts!”  I’m in. Let’s pick up our cigarette butts! Pick em up, wrap em up and pack them out to the trash. Let’s clean up our beach!

Saturday, February 27, 1 PM.
Saturday’s going to be a beautiful day – let’s have a picnic! And while we’re at it let’s see if we can get every cigarette butt in Dolores Park off the ground.

surfrider image

– BYO food and drinks and whatever else makes you happy
– Gloves if you have them (I will supply them too)
– Something to collect butts in — takeout containers, bags, buckets, whatever (also will have these on hand)

Exact location TBD – will post closer to the day.

WHY? Cigarette butts are plastic and all will be recycled by Terracycle into stuff like the ashtray in the pic, and Surfrider SF gets $1 per pound donation so you’re fundraising too. Last time I did this people brought them to me by the fistful. You’ll get a thousand thanks, plus all the good karma you can handle.

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Dolores Park Reopens

Shortly before dawn this morning contractors began taking down and hauling away the construction fence from the South side of Dolores. We couldn’t be happier. Early birds walking the dog or out for some fitness were surprised to see the fence gone and quickly took to the lawn.

Dolores Park opening day

The official opening day ceremony will be this evening, Wednesday January 27, 4 PM to 7.

Feel free to wear your glow in the dark gear. We’d love for you to come help celebrate Rec and Park told us, “One of the most beautiful things about Dolores is how many people and groups come out to enjoy the park in their own way. For this opening, we want to invite all of the groups that Love Dolores to come out and celebrate. The theme will be “Light Up Dolores” as there will be a major light-up element in the dark of winter.”

Dolores Park Works looking forward to celebrating the opening of Dolores Park with you. Hope to see you all there!


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Movie Night Tonight

The final Film Nights in the Park will be tonight, Saturday September 26 at Dolores Park. The featured film? Back to the Future. The show is expected to start a little early (short Fall days), 7:15 pm.

Remember #LoveDolores. Leave the bottles at home and bring a can. Pack it in, pack it out.

back to the future poster 2

For a comprehensive list of fun, free or cheap things to do in the Bay Area (including all the outdoor movies) check out Fun & Cheap SF. Johnny has them all.

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