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Tree Falls on Hidalgo

Shortly after noon, the Friday before Labor Day weekend, the large Black Acacia that shades Miguel Hidalgo’s statue cracked open and came crashing down. Hidalgo seems to be undamaged, the fate of the tree is unknown. The park was beginning to fill and there were several … Continue reading

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J Church Tracks Get a Trim

The new Rec and Park project, the apprenticeship gardenner program. has been in Dolores most of the week. The wilds next to the J Church train tracks haven’t looked this neat in years. Good job guys. Trim up the trees … Continue reading

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Celebrate Earth Day in Dolores

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, we’ve become a little wiser about our impact on the planet, taking steps to replete our Ozone layer, for example. Every little actions counts, which is why we are spending Earth Day cleaning up … Continue reading

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Dolores Park Garden Volunteers

Dolores Parks Works first effort at gardening in the park was a wonderful successes. On short notice we had a half a dozen enthusiastic Dolores neighbors in the park at 10:00 on a Tuesday morning ready to get dirty. And … Continue reading

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Volunteer Opportunities Start Tomorrow

We have two project coming up with rather short notice. Our first gardening project and a weekend park clean up. We will need our volunteer gardeners tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14, 10 AM. for the replanting of the Miguel Hidalgo flower bed. Continue reading

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